CA001 ARCA Rail Grabber For All Spuhr Chassis Systems

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Length: 75 mm/2.95” Width: 62 mm/2.44” Height: 13 mm/0.52” (ARCA-to-ARCA) Weight: 121 g/4.3 oz

The CA001 SICS™ ARCA Rail Grabber allows bipods and tripods to be attached and moved along the Spuhr® Ideal Chassis System (SICS™) forend without the use of tools. Made from 7075 T651 aluminum and featuring hardcoat anodizing, the CA001 has an ARCA-Swiss bottom for use with any compatible clamp, and was designed specifically for use with the SICS™ ARCA-Swiss pattern forend, so that the user can quickly change the bipod/tripod position along the length of the chassis forend by the mere push of a button. The SICS™ ARCA Rail Grabber can be rotated for right- or left-handed use, and features Spuhr Interfaces™ on the flat face of the ARCA-Swiss bottom, so that a short Picatinny rail (such as the A-0002, which is included with the SICS™ chassis) can be attached in case the user prefers to use a bipod with a Picatinny grabber but still wants the quick-adjustability offered by the CA001. The bottom of the CA001 also features stops on each end, to prevent an improperly tightened ARCA-Swiss clamp from sliding off the CA001.

Note: The CA001 SICS™ ARCA Rail Grabber will not lock onto other brands of ARCA-Swiss forends/plates unless they have been designed (or modified) for the CA001 locking mechanism

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