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Why You Should Buy Schmidt and Bender Products

When it comes to hunting, long-range shooting, sporting and competition, you can’t bet Schmidt and Bender riflescopes. The innovation, quality and dedication to precision mean that these products deliver outstanding performance. Mostly assembled by hand, the scope features superior technology that aids excellent light transmission and clarity. With more than 50 years in the industry, our family-run company maintains a high standard for the development, production and optimisation of our products.

A Short Buyers Guide to Schmidt and Bender PMII

Consider our short Schmidt & Bender PM II buyers guide to find the scope that will best suit your circumstances.

  • PMII 3-20×50: This scope offers you versatility as the 3x magnification allows you to lock on to close targets while still giving you a generous field of view. Meanwhile, the 20x magnification is ideal for long-range engagement. The reticle is on the first focal plane and comes with illuminated settings that are compatible with night vision systems as well as daylight.
  • PMII 5-25×56: While this scope is versatile, it is ideal for long-range shooting. It has many of the same features as the 3-20×50 such as an illuminated reticle that is compatible with NV equipment, 260 cm elevation adjustment for long-range targets, lockable turrets and more.
  • PMII 3-27×56 high power: This scope is made for long-range shooting yet features a 9x zoom to give you short to medium range capabilities. It has lockable turrets, and the MTC system can provide you with tactile feedback after every ten clicks. As well as with the other models, this scope has a 90mm eye relief to ensure your safety and prevent injury when using powerful cartridges.

What Sets Schmidt & Bender Apart Regarding S&B PMII

We are the leading suppliers of quality precision scopes worldwide.

  • Quality products: We provide an extensive range of PM II products that are ideal for a wide range of rifles. Our products are durable, precise and use advanced technology with a variety of features to assist you in accomplishing your goal.
  • Excellent customer service:  Our company delivers exceptional customer service. Our team has a wealth of knowledge and industry experience so can assist you in finding the ideal product to suit your requirements.
  • Nationwide delivery: We deliver our products Australia wide so you rest assured knowing that you can get quality scopes and accessories regardless of where you live. We provide free delivery on orders over a certain amount and use trusted postal services.

About Schmidt & Bender

Schmidt & Bender is known for quality, precision and innovation. With more than 50 years in the industry, we understand that every hunt and climate is different, which is why we produce a large selection of scopes to ensure you can get one that meets your requirements. We provide an extensive range of scopes and firearm accessories so you can purchase everything you need in one convenient order. Contact our friendly team for professional advice or browse our range of S&B online.


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