SpeedTracker Mach 4 Plus-Doppler Radar Chronograph -New Model

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SpeerTracker Mach 4 Plus – Doppler Radar Chronograph  (previously called BulletSeeker)

SpeedSeeker MACH 4.
Doppler Radar Chronograph
Currently, the most advanced ballistic radar for measuring projectile velocity is based on the Hi-Tech SIR chip operating at 120 GHz.

The high frequency, many times the frequency of competing products, allows for more reliable and accurate projectile detection, and Bulletseekers do not have a problem even with bulk shot firearms. Thanks to its compact design, it can be mounted on a weapon and innovative technology allows it to be used in tunnel shooting ranges where other products fail.

Designed for sporting guns because we know that speed and accuracy matter

With the parabolic adaptor the reading distance is increased from 1m to 3m

  • Now you can detect EVERY bullet fired.

  • Using a radar cross-section that is 144 times larger we track every shot.

  • See each shot with continuous fire.

  • Bluetooth enabled.

  • Mobile phone instant data and control panel.

  • 4 hours of continuous radar and transmission times.

  • Convenient recharge with USB C

  • Compact size mounts easily to a weaver rail system.

  • Accuracy <=0.1%

  • The latest radar technology in the most convenient size offers the most accurate data on the market

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